Learn more learn to express your emotions with color individual course retouching workshops

Slide I want to be honest with you. These workshops are not a ready solution. To tell you the truth, I don't know if any workshops can be like that. I want to teach you how to look at photos in a different way than before. To create stories that engage the viewer you must have knowledge from many ranges, through story telling, proper selection of frames, but also the visual aspect of photography. In photo editing, nothing should be accidental. That's why you probably felt disappointed many times when after buying another package with ready presets, your photos looked quite different from the pictures shown by the authors. Each photo is different, lighting conditions, human skin, buildings, fauna and flora. You can't count on a "ready-to-go" solution. You need to learn to look at photos and know how to create the atmosphere and bring out the emotions you care about with the available tools. Sometimes, just changing a picture from color to black and white gives it a completely different feel. I will teach you how to choose colors, play with contrast, light and emotions through photo editing. It's a long process. Do not believe that with the touch of a magic wand your photographs will transform into works of art. It does not work like that. I will guide you through the entire photo editing process, you will understand why color knowledge is so important during retouching. As I said at the beginning, I want to be honest with you. These workshops are just a few steps that will help you achieve what you want. the power of colors. to create an immersive story you need to understand